Outsourced Payroll Services

Outsourcing payroll is fast becoming the preferred business solution as payroll is an ever-expanding minefield. From small one man Limited companies to larger payrolls, we can offer a tailor-made package to suit every business.

You can significantly reduce the costs of running your business by outsourcing your payroll to Cooper Weston Payroll Services. With our efficient and accurate service, we can offer you and your employees total peace of mind by ensuring that all payments, submissions, and HMRC correspondence, are administered correctly and on time.

Small Businesses

It doesn’t matter how big your company is, the same job still needs to be completed and it needs to be completed right. You may be the only person on the payroll but you have the same tasks and requirements. Let us deal with the whole process from start to finish and we will send you a payslip and reports for you to keep on file.

Large Businesses

When you have a large business you may think your payroll needs are more complex, that is where we disagree. Just because you have more people to pay doesn’t mean you should have more trouble in doing so. A high turnover in staff can be problematic to keep track of, so by using our new starter logging form all the information is in one place, this will minimise errors and lost information.

Are your staff paid hourly? Again, we can help with ways of exporting all data to enable your payroll to run smoothly and efficiently.

Do you have multiple payrolls that you want to outsource? Are you an accountancy firm that would like to outsource the payroll part of the package? We currently work with accountants who use us for this part of their business, and find it works well for them. All communication between us and your clients can be done via your company email/letterheads. There are many options to discuss so if you think this would suit please get in touch today.

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