Payroll Consultancy Services

Are you looking to outsource your current payroll, change payroll providers, improve your
existing payroll processes, or even implement a new payroll system?

Meet Our Lead Payroll Consultant

Rob Cooper

Rob is an experienced Programme Lead, Project Manager, Test Manager and Release Manager who has over 25 years of experience working across the full project implementation lifecycle for a range of clients and industries.

His recent roles include Payroll Advisory SME for a large retail client implementing Payroll for circa 60k employees, Project Manager leading the recovery of a high-profile project for a utilities customer, and a Test and Release Manager responsible for a large global deployment project looking after multiple applications. 

Rob is an ex-Payroll Manager and Lead Payroll Consultant, and he brings a wealth of skills and experience to Cooper Weston. We are thrilled that he has joined us and we very much look forward to the future.

How can we help you?

Whether you are considering outsourcing your payroll, changing payroll provider, trying to improve your existing payroll processes, or even wanting to implement a new payroll system, we offer a range of services that could be right for you:


If you have decided to outsource your payroll function, or even if you are in the early stages of considering this option, then Cooper Weston can help you from start to finish. We will assess your current payroll processes and then build a bespoke package to suit your needs.

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Change Payroll Provider

If you, as a business, already outsource your payroll and are considering changing payroll providers then we can help find the right system for you. We can assist in the initial conversations with the relevant shortlisted vendors to ensure the correct questions are being asked and the solution is fit for purpose. Due to the experience we offer in this field, we can also project manage the implementation process and discuss the timelines involved to ensure your project is delivered on time and to budget.

Review & Improvement of Current Payroll Processes

Every payroll department will have areas that can be improved on or streamlined. Cooper Weston will review your whole payroll function and learn how it operates within the organisation. By understanding and analysing your current payroll processes, we can identify any existing pitfalls and advise on potential streamlining and other process improvements that will benefit the end-to-end payroll lifecycle. We will then build a comprehensive plan to enable you, as the company, to adopt new or improved processes to ensure a more efficient payroll department and optimal internal working relationships. Once a timeline has been agreed for the transition, we will help manage the co-ordination of all departments. The result will be an improved, successful payroll function, providing an accurate, timely and smooth payroll run every time.

Implementation of a New Payroll Software

Once you have chosen your new payroll software, there are a number of steps involved in payroll software implementation from initial gathering of requirements, to solution designing, and all the way through to Go-Live and hyper care support. All these steps require input from the HR and Finance teams, in addition to heavy involvement from the payroll team. This may seem like a daunting process, however with the experience we offer we can comfortably help you along the way and ensure this project will be a success.

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