Now auto-enrolment is in place this will apply to even the smallest employers who may only have a
single employee. Failure to comply to your duties can result in large fines from The Pensions

At Cooper Weston we can include all necessary pension contributions on the payslip at no extra cost, but if you would like a bit of extra help with meeting your requirements, these are the services we offer:

  • Pension assessments: These need to be carried out each payroll period for each employee. This will determine who needs to be auto enrolled.
  • Pension Correspondence: We can issue Pension Regulator approved letters as and when required.
  • Pension uploads: The team at Cooper Weston are also able to upload all pension contributions to your pension provider on your behalf.
  • Re-enrolment – When your cyclic re-enrolment is due, the team can determine who needs to be re-enrolled and issue them to the employee¬† and you with relevant information.

If you are struggling to decide on a pension provider, then we would be happy to talk through all options available and can interface with almost any pension provider. The most common pension providers that we work with are:

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