Paying HMRC via Direct Debit

You may have heard that HMRC will now accept direct debits for the employers PAYE and NIC. Rather than paying HMRC manually each month you can set up a direct debit. If you would like to set this up, then link is below:

Some key information to note:

A new direct debit should be set up at least six working days before the payment due date. HMRC are looking to shorten this lead time, but this will take some time to implement. Please note that you should set up the direct debit by 10th March or the 12th April to ensure the payment due by 22nd is collected in time.

If you have set up a direct debit, then you may have received a late payment notice from HMRC. The due date for payments is 22nd of each month and therefore the direct debit is always collected shortly after the 22nd by HMRC. This caused a ‘late payment’ notice to be issued, this is not a penalty but just an advisory.

HMRC have issued an apology and are looking to rectify this soon.

If you have any questions regarding paying HMRC then let give the team a call and we can help.