Scotland and Wales income tax rates for 2022-2023

Scotland and Wales set their own rates of income tax as devolved nations, HMRC has confirmed the new rates for 2022-2023. The following rates are subject to parliamentary review:

Income Tax Rates – Scotland

Starter Rate19%£1 – £2,162
Basic Rate20%£2,163 – £13,118
Intermediate Rate21%£13,119 – £31,092
Higher Rate41%£31,093 – £150,000
Top Rate46%Over £150,000

Income Tax Rates – Wales

Basic Rate20%£1 – £37,700
Higher Rate40%£37,701 – £150,000
Additional Rate45%Over £150,000

Scottish rates have been increased, whereas the Welsh rates will remain at parity with England. These are all subject to approval by parliament and will come into effect for the 2022-2023 tax year.

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